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  Monday December 10, 2018

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The Coffee Experience
By: Gee
category: spots comments
July 10, 2009 (02:33)

I am one of those people who crave for coffee every now and then.  It is not so much about the taste, but the ambiance where I’m going to sip the coffee as oppose to getting my shot of caffeine.    

Being a resident of Quezon, I don’t relish the fact that we may not have Starbucks, Figarro or Seattle’s Best outlet here. But on the upside at least alternative places are out there for me to visit when I can’t resist my craving. I admit, I enjoy my cup of coffee in the company of my significant other, or friends or the whole family.  I enjoy it best when I’m with friends who have a lot of things to catch up on, watching other coffee shop patrons having a good time, or just listen to an acoustic live band or bossa type of music blaring from loudspeakers, not that they’re loud its just that they’re technically called just that.   

I would like to name a few of the places I have been to where I enjoy ordering my glass of latte, although their menu is not just confined to coffee selections. First would be the Zymurgy bar and restaurant.  I think Zymurgy is the first successful coffee shop who ventured into this type of business in Lucena City. It’s a place for pasta, sandwiches, cakes, and of course those little beans I love to smell and sip. I have always liked their pasta and of course their wide selection of coffee drinks always makes my trip worthwhile.  Their Zym special is a must-try if you are going to Zymurgy for the first time.  Zymurgy’s menu list has steaks, cakes and pastries, burgers and sandwiches and, shakes and fruit juices.  I noticed, people flock to their place mainly because of food selections which are all delicious and distinctly Zymurgy.   

Next stop would be Mug Café.  This is located at the Pacific Mall.  This is a place for gathering of families, small reunions, or get together of friends and colleagues.  On special occasions, they have concert events with special guest celebrities invited to perform.  Just last May, Allan K and the EB babes performed on Mug Café Pacific Mall on different occasions. Performers from comedy bars in Quezon City are sometimes invited to do shows at their Pacific Mall branch.  Before I go farther with my topic, I would like to mention that their coffee selections are good too, be it hot or cold.  Combined with their pastas and cakes, the experience goes from good to great. Nachos with cheese dips are there for the taking. The colorful chairs and umbrellas add to the homey ambiance.  And the band players or musicians are always there to entertain the crowd. 

Another good choice for me when it comes to coffee trip is the Lounge located at the ground floor of Star Garden Tower Hotel.  This used to be the Mocha Blends Coffee Shop.  But now, its simply called the Lounge.  What I like about this place is, they have free wi-fi internet access, so you can go surfing while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.  The choices are limited to sandwiches and pastas, but nevertheless its worth the try.  If you want to listen to acoustic bands or just get a view of the main district of Lucena city,  you can go to rooftop of the same hotel where their restaurant is located  and order your favorite foods and drinks.  It has a romantic atmosphere, especially to those who are on a date, or want to celebrate their anniversaries.  There is the hotel touch of the bar which is peaceful, elegant and just enchanting. 

Another favorite place that I usually hang out is the Metro Café located at the third floor of Metro Gaisano mall.  Their coffee shop is just adjacent to the sports section of the department store.  There are several tables and chairs in the area and food counter where you place can your orders.   When I am just tired of all the walking and window shopping inside the mall, I just like to sit and relax while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.  On weekends, especially Sundays, families flock to the area to have their lunch after attending the Sunday mass.   

Lastly, if I am in a hurry but still would like to grab a cup of coffee, the ever reliable 7-11 convenience store with locations in Lucena, Tayabas and Sariaya is a good stop for non espresso coffees. Their brewed coffee, caramel and vanilla flavored varieties have a distinct appeal so much different with the specialty coffee shops. 

I’m sure there are more places in Quezon Province that offer a variety of coffee and a place to hang out and dine.  You don’t need to go to Manila to get that coffee experience, Quezon has it’s version of your caffeine fix. 


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Brandonre Says on October 23, 2018 (05:46)
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miked3693 Says on May 09, 2018 (05:27)
Coffee is my favorite thing and I love to have it all the time. This post is very impressive for me which is about the coffee experience. You have shared your experience about coffee with us here and now I am also very much interested in having coffee there. Tarpaulin sheet supplier in UK


megz Says on August 28, 2009 (14:00)
zymurgy.... hmmmm d2 kme punta after namin mag defend ng thesis.. haaaaaaay


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